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Short story writers: Terry Kidd

Terry Kidd was born in the Yorkshire Dales, in England. His earliest childhood memory is of trying to make a model plane from a design in a library book. The material he used were not ideal, twigs from the hedge instead of balsa wood and grandma's bedsheets instead of tissue paper; the project was not a great success. Nonetheless it sparked a lifelong interest in books and aviation.

On leaving school Terry joined the RAF and has worked as an engineer, mainly on aviation related systems, ever since. He has lived and worked in various parts of the world, including, Kansas, Alabama and Scotland.

He is a member of the critters writers group and is currently resident in southern Germany, in Ingolstadt - where Mary Shelley set Frankenstein.

Terry's short story Exit Interview was the winner of the Short Story Radio Competition winter 2008/2009.

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