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Short story writers: Sue Moorcroft

Sue Moorcroft has sold over a hundred short stories to Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Bella, Ireland’s Own, The Weekly News, The People’s Friend, Fiction Feast, Yours, Woman’s Day (Australia), YOU (South Africa), Allas (Sweden), Allers (Sweden), Arabella Romance (USA), Woman’s Way and My Weekly.

Her work appeared in the charity anthologies Sexy Shorts for Christmas and Scary Shorts for Halloween and she was a runner-up in the Ford Fiesta Short Story Competition.

She’s a past winner of the Katie Fforde Bursary Award.

Listen to Flight to Freedom by Sue Moorcroft     Listen to Bedside Stories by Sue Moorcroft

Serials A Place to Call Home and Between Two Worlds appeared in The People’s Friend and have become large print book for the libraries. Her latest, One Summer in Malta, is scheduled for the festive season. She writes articles and profiles for writing magazines.

Her novel, Uphill all the Way was published in paperback, large print and audio and the new book, Family Matters, is out now in hardback.

She’s also a creative writing tutor for the London School of Journalism and Writers’ News, the University of Leicester, Writing School Leicester and Adult Education Northants. She has written courses for the London School of Journalism, too.

Born in Moenchengladbach into an Army family, Sue was brought up in Germany, Cyprus and Malta as well as the United Kingdom and still enjoys travelling. She’s worked in a bank, for a typesetter and for Motor Cycle News. She used to do ‘a proper office job’ one day per week at her husband’s business but has managed to wriggle out of that. They share a money-pit house in Northamptonshire with a garden that’s not getting the attention it deserves. When she’s not writing she likes to read, walk, or watch Formula 1. She scuba dives in a wussy kind of way.

You can find her on the web at

Short Story Radio and Insight Radio (RNIB) and hospital radio

Sue says: "I’m really pleased to support the RNIB by donating a story. The Institute does such great work to help those with visual difficulties. My grandfather was partially sighted and I know what challenges he encountered. As his condition runs in families, losing my sight is a fear and I can’t imagine not being able to read any more. Thank goodness, then, for the spoken word!

Short Story Radio is doing such a great job with a website where anybody can listen to stories from writers like me. The hospital radio programme is hugely worthwhile, too. I hope that my work distracts people from whatever their problems are, for a few minutes.

Glorious Autumn is the first of my short stories that I’ve heard recorded. I have to admit that I clicked on the link with apprehension – an actor can interpret the spoken word in ways that the writer didn’t intend and it’s difficult not to be precious about my work, work that’s incredibly important to me. But I needn’t have worried. Tamara Kennedy has a lovely voice and makes reading aloud seem easy. (I’ll bet it’s not!) In seconds I was able to relax and enjoy.

When I was ten I had a real Tasmanian Devil of a teacher, given to spectacular paddies, shrieking and snarling, literally dancing on the spot with rage as he hurled things around the room. We all had dents in our heads the shape of board rubbers! I’m sure he would be drummed out of the teaching profession today. I’m glad that he’s no longer around to frighten children into skiving off school but he did tell me that I could write. He said that one day I’d have books on my shelf with my name on the spine. And he was right. He made me miserable but he also made me realise what I was capable of."

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