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Short story writers: Malcolm Bray

Born in Hornchurch, Essex, and raised in Ashford, Kent, Malcolm decided from an early age that there must be other places. Discovering a similar mind in a girl from Boston, Mass, he brought her to Ireland with him in the early seventies. Four children and several grandchildren later, he was attacked one night by the Muse. Abandoning an outdoor life (forester, builder, farmer etc.) with little thought for the future, Malcolm launched himself on to the literary stage – well, he’s won a couple of things and is in a few anthologies in Ireland and the UK. Short fiction is his obsession, although he has written three novels and two novellas (all of which await publication with bated breath).

Malcolm's short story Dinner At My Place was a runner up in the Short Story Radio Competition winter 2008/2009.

Listen to Nowt Worse Than Waiting by Malcolm Bray.

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